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Please note our pricing is  À LA CARTE and our staff will not quote exact pricing until you receive an in-person consultation.

A promotion to each level is based on several factors, including demand on time, skill, experience, and education. As a stylist moves up in levels, you will see a small increase in the costs of their services. This is reflective of the investment they have made in their professional development.

Level 1 Stylists: have just graduated from beauty school and are newly licensed, or currently attending Cosmetology school. They are working under the supervision of the level 4 and 5 stylists. Their menu is limited. 

Level 2 Stylists have been assisting in salon over 1 year, they have gained and developed the skills necessary to deliver quality services in select areas of their craft and offer a limited menu of services.

Level 3 Stylists have completed & continue to seek out advanced training courses in color theory, hair extensions safety, various cutting techniques, client communication, and more.

Level 4 Stylists they've immersed themselves into all avenues of education, taking a deeper interest into the business and science of the industry. Has a thorough understanding of the why behind the magic! This individual has gone through additional training and certifications in most Principles.

Level 5 Stylist they are established, respected, and carry a reputation for excellence that has earned them this title. With years, sometimes decades of experience, advanced education and the highest demand for their services, there isn’t much a Level 5 Stylist hasn’t handled in his or her craft.

Level 6 Stylist these are the most sought-after hairstylists in the salon not only because of their very advanced education level but also because of their well-known reputation in the community. Service providers at this level usually have 10+ years of experience. 

Guests may choose any level stylist that best fits their needs and budget.

Keep in mind, we work as a team, so feel free to have services with as many different stylists as you’d like!

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Color Services

Hair Services

Haircut:  $54 / $59 / $66 / $72 / $79 / $89

  • Every haircut begins with a luxury wash and ends with a blowout. Pampering at its best!  Hot Tools add on:  $15  When looking for the extra smooth of wavy look.

Clipper Cut:  $36 / $40 / $44 / $48 / $52 / $58

  • Our stylists offer a range of men's grooming & short-haired services including clipper fades, scissor over comb for seamless blending, and excellent shear work for those longer styles. 

Kids Cut Under 12:  $41 / $46 / $51 / $56 / $61 / $67

  • ·All haircuts include wash, cut, blow-dry. Please arrive with child’s hair detangled. (Additional charge may apply)

Curly Girl Cut & Style:  $76 / $84 / $92 / $103 / $112 / $123

  • Designed for the curly girl who never straightens her hair. Is a unique hairstyle and hair cutting technique that includes sculpting the curl at an angle and by following a specific pattern.

Signature Blowout:  $54 / $59 / $66 / $72 / $79 / $89

  • Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage, walk away ready for any occasion with our expert stylists giving you a beautiful curl or flat iron style.


Retouch Color:  $109 / $120 / $132 / $146 / $161 / $176 

  • If we're touching up the new outgrowth of existing color this is for you. Maintenance for this service ranges from 4-6 weeks covering no more than 1 inch of regrowth. Including Signature Blowout

All Over Color:  $134 / $148 / $163 / $180 / $198

  • Just as it sounds! If you are wanting to change your all over color or freshen up your existing color this is for you. This is only for clients staying the same shade or darker. 

Mini Foil:  $133 / $146 / $161 / $176 / $193 / $214

  • Adding 10-15 foils around the hairline to add some brightness around the face. Including Signature Blowout

Partial Foil:  $153 / $168 / $186 / $204 / $224 / $248

  • With a partial foil we will highlight/lowlight the top and sides of the head. Including Signature Blowout

Full Foil:  $179 / $199 / $219 / $240 / $263 / $291

  • With a full foil we will highlight/lowlight your entire head! Hairline to hairline and everything in between. Including Signature Blowout

Balayage:  $217 / $239 / $262 / $289 / $318

  •  Hand painted highlight technique. A true art. Natural, glowing highlights with a soft line of demarcation resulting in a beautiful   low-maintenance color. Including Signature Blowout

Luxury Tone & Re-Balancing: 

         Added to a Service:  $59 / $65 / $71 / $78 / $85

         Stand Alone Appointment:  $78 / $86 / $94 / $103 / $113   

  •  Acidic demi-permanent color can add dramatic shine and seal the cuticle of the hair. This is great to refresh pigment on the midshaft/ends after a permanent color service or stand-alone. Think of this as lip-gloss for the hair, intense shine, rich pigment, & nourishment. One thing to mention: glossing hair does not lighten, add highlights, cover greys, and is not permanent. 



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Additional Charges May Apply:

  • Extra time for thicker, coarser, denser, or longer hair:  $20 / $22 / $24 / $27 / $29

  • Additional Product long thick hair: $45 + all levels

Long Hair

Smoothing Services

Brazilian Blowout: $375 + *includes homecare

  • Results Last up to 12 Weeks with No Down Time! The Minute you leave the Salon, you can Wash and Air Dry your Hair, Workout, put your Hair in a Ponytail or Clip. Leaves Hair Smooth, Shiny, Frizz-Free and Radiant!

Brazilian Split End Treatment: $75 +

  • Service designed to Instantly Repair, Mend and Seal Broken and Split Ends for Up to 4 Weeks. 

Brazilian Express: $150+

  • Whether you're looking for a quick frizz-fix for vacation, a special occasion or, simply short on time, Brazilian Blowout EXPRESS is specially formulated to deliver 4 weeks of smooth, frizz-free no hassle hair in 60 minutes or less. 

Add On Services

B3 Bond Builder: $45

  • b3 Brazilian Bond Builder (also known as b3) is a Professional Tool that can be mixed into all color formulations to Build Bonds, allowing for more Creative Freedom in your Color Services helping to Reduce Damage with No Added Processing Time.

Special Occasion

Hair:  $90 / $99 / $109 / $120 / $144

 Makeup:  $90 / $109 / $120 / $144

Whether it’s prom, graduation, or your special event, you deserve to feel extra beautiful, pampered, and photo-ready for whatever the day or night may bring. We have a team of professionally trained makeup artists and hair stylists who can create special occasion hair and makeup, making you look and feel your very best! When it comes to trending styles, customized looks, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

*Excluding Weddings

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